Scorched Ash Dining Table Esstisch von Sebastian Cox, 2017

9 999.99 EUR

The Scorched Ash Dining Table by Sebastian Cox is an exclusive, one-off piece constructed from solid ash and blackened on the exterior, created for The New Craftsmen. The large dining table by the celebrated furniture maker has a scorched, blackened surface, and hollowed table legs. The piece showcases Cox´s exploration into using flame as a construction method- the table has been scorched to create a blackened surface with the table´s top´s center being dramatically charred. For the base of the table, Cox has hollowed each table leg by burning through the solid ash. The surface of the table has been simply finished; intentionally revealing the visible joinery used to create the piece. Cox said of the piece, “I have always loved scorched wood; particularly the way it reveals a deeper texture in the grain of the wood by burning the spring and summer growth at different rates. Even a light flame reveals clearly defined annual rings. I wanted to create a one-off piece that really made the most of this delicate and yet barbaric process, rather than just using a ‘finish’ on the surface, but actually using burning to shape the very piece.” Cox is a furniture designer-maker known for his passion for sustainability, love of British hardwoods, and exploration of coppiced timbers. His design philosophy hinges on honesty and simplicity. Cox designs at the workbench, using his material as his inspiration and strives to create objects that show off the beauty of timber. He lives and works in South London, hand-coppicing hazel and managing woodland in Kent.

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